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Welcome to the
Executive Committee Members Page


This page contains information and links for the Committee Members and Leaders of the Group.

Group Email Account and Online Storage

Group Email Account is: -

email address

(Please note that email addresses are not stored on web pages as 'links' or text as there are idiots out there that search the internet for email addresses then bombard them with junk files and viruses). 


This email account can be used by any Leader or Committee Member for any Group related electronic correspondence. 


You can logon to this email account at   www.outlook.com   Contact the web site administrator for the password.



Online Storage is provided on the Group email accounts associated 'OneDrive'. The folders can contain anything that you want. Currently they contain Committee Meeting minutes and all the files and information required to create and update this web site. 



Scout Association Resources & Requirements

The Scout Association provides a number of resources for all sections of the movement. The Executive Committee Resources page can be found at this LINK

Significant links on this web page are: -

The Group Executive Committee

Executive Committee Role Descriptions

Support for Group Executive Members


There is also a Scout Association requirement for all Executive Committee Members to complete the online e-learning module 'Essential Information for Executive Committee Members'. The web page at this LINK explains all and has the link to the module. It also contains a link to a 'strongly advised' recommendation to view the YouTube 'how-to guide' video before you start the e-learning module.


Rather than printing the e-learning certificates, please drag and drop the .png files from the folder where you saved it, to the OneDrive 'Files>Documents>Shared Files>e-learning certificates' folder.


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