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166th (Mickleover) Derby Scout Group

  43 Bishop Lonsdale Way
    (behind the Swimming Pool)
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Membership Application

Please be advised that there is a Waiting List for all our Sections. If your child is getting near the relevant age you  may wish to consider contacting another Scout Group.

Click here to go to the Scout Association's web page that will provide details of other Groups in the area.

Please Read Our Waiting List Policy here

Click here if you would like your child's name to go onto our Waiting List.

(Please Note that prior to you child joining the Group we will communicate with you via email)

Once your application is received your child's details will be entered onto our database and the appropriate Regular Volunteer will contact you when your child is old enough and we have a vacancy

Also Note that by submission of the Membership Appication form, on acceptance of your child into our Group, you agree to attend and support at least one the Group's Fund-Raising events each year.


Other Issues

Click here for enquiries about any other issues that are not answered on either the 'Parents' page or the 'Help' page.


The email account that both of these forms are sent to is monitored on a daily basis.


Privacy Policy

All personal information that you provide us and all Images recorded will be used/not used as follows:

Group Records
We only keep the personal information that you provide for the duration that the person is waiting to become, or actually is a member of the Group; or, if you indicated that you will allow us to claim Gift Aid, for the legally required (by HMR&C) 7 years after we have last made a claim on your subscriptions / donations. The data is stored on the Microsoft OneDrive. Please go to the Microsoft website for their Privacy Policy. Any subsets of that data (electronic or paper) that are used by the Group’s Section
Regular Volunteers for the purpose of organising Camps and other Events, and for any other reason, will be destroyed after that need has expired.

Our Website
We do not use Cookies.

The ‘Contact Us’ webpage.
We use a webservice from a company called JotForms to submit your ‘Contact Us’ emails to us. Please go to the JotForms website for their Privacy Policy.

Parents / Carer’s Email Addresses
These will only be used by the Group to inform you of Group / Section related information.

The Scout Association
The Scout Association requires us to enter all Member’s details onto their Compass Database. This is used to manage all the Membership administrative functions of the UK Scout Association. Please go to the Scout Associations website for further details and their Privacy Policy.

External Organisation Links
No information is passed to any of the websites that have links on our website.

External Companies / Organisations
We WILL NOT sell or pass on to any company or organisation other than those mentioned above,
any information that you provide.

Photographs and Videos
Subject to the Parent / Carer's permission being given on the 'Membership Application' form the following guidelines when publishing images, still or video, will be adhered to: -

  1. Publication will only be on one or more of the Group's internally controlled publications and communication channels such as online news, social media, email, websites, newsletters, Group advertising or promotional material. These Images may be recorded at the Group's meeting place or at a Group off-site activity.
  2. We will never publish the personal details of any young person or Parent / Carer with any Image that is used (e.g. full name, address, email address, phone number etc.).
  3. We will endeavour to remove identifying metadata from Images (e.g. location or comments etc.).
  4. The content of all images will be considered to be in good taste before publication.
  5. The Group will never give permission for any Image to be published on any media other than the Group's internally controlled publications.
  6. The Group will never provide any person or organisation outside the Group with any personal information about any Images that we have.
  7. If a Parent / Carer is not happy with any Image that we have published, or if any Image has inadvertently been published without the Parent / Carers permission, and it is brought to the attention of any of the Regular Volunteers, the relevant Image will be removed from the publication in question as soon as possible.

The Group cannot be held responsible for any images recorded by other parties.

Your Rights
You are legally entitled to see whatever data or Images that we have on your child and we will happily provide it to you if asked. However, the only data that we store is what you entered on the Membership Application Form and a record of your child’s subscriptions and any other donations / sponsorship money that you have made.


Waiting List Policy

Section Regular Volunteers will regularly review the number of young people that they have in their Section, when members are due to move on to the next age group Section and if they can accommodate any additional members If places are identified they will be offered as below.

Priorities when offering places

Priority in offering places in each Section will be given in the following order: -
  1. Existing members of the Scout Association who are moving into the area (see Transfers from another Scout Group below).
  2. Young people of existing Regular Group Adult Volunteers.
  3. Siblings of existing young members of the Group – assuming that they are on our Waiting List.
  4. Thereafter, from the Waiting List - the young person who has been on the Waiting List the longest and is within the required age group will be offered the place. This is subject to Important Note 4 below.
Once a decision to offer a place has been made the appropriate Section Regular Volunteer will make every effort to contact the Parent / Carer using the email address and telephone numbers provided on the Membership Application form that they submitted. If the Section Regular Volunteer is unable to get a response the young person's name will be removed from the Waiting List.
If a place has been offered and accepted then the young person fails to attend the first 2 meetings and no contact has been made by the Parents / Carers, the Section
Regular Volunteer will attempt to contact the Parents / Carer again and advise them that if the young person does not attend within the the next 2 weeks the offer of a place will be withdrawn and the young person's name will be removed from the Waiting List.

Transfers from another Scout Group
These will only be accepted if the family is moving to the Mickleover area and it would be unreasonable for the Group to expect the Parents / Carers to transport the young person to their old Group each week.

Important Notes
  1. Membership is not possible for anyone who has not had a Membership form submitted for them via the Group’s website - 'ContactUs' page, Membership Application.
  2. There is a limit to the number of young people that can be accommodated in each Section based upon a few criteria, most importantly the ratio of Regular Volunteers to young people in each Section.
  3. There is a limited amount of flexibility on the age of a young person’s membership of a Section. This is based upon a number of factors and should be discussed with either the relevant Section Regular Volunteer or the Group Regular Volunteer.
  4. The young person must be of an age where they will be able to spend at least 12 months in that Section to enable them to get the benefits of membership of that Section. The 12 months may be reduced at the discretion of the Regular Volunteer and after discussions with the Parents / Carers. If they fail this criterion they will be left on the Waiting List and offered a place in the next age group Section when one becomes available.
  5. Scouting is open to all young people (irrespective of gender, faith, ability, sexuality, school or any other factors). If a young person needs additional support in order to participate in Scouting, this should be discussed with the Group Regular Volunteer or Section Regular Volunteer who will work with Parents / Carers to establish a plan of action. These special needs must have been detailed on the Membership Application form when originally submitted.
  6. The Group Regular Volunteer’s decision is final.
  7. This policy is in line with The Scout Association’s rules on Admission to Membership.

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