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Scouting is a totally voluntary organisation. That means that the Regular Volunteers do not get paid a single penny for all the time that they put into Scouting. Most of them have full-time jobs and many of them use some of their employments annual leave to run activities such as camps. Meeting nights take a lot of advance planning, so do the numerous activities that the Regular Volunteers organise.

The end result is that being a Scout Regular Volunteers costs that person not only a lot time, but a lot of money as well.

It is the responsibility of ALL Parents and Carers to support the Regular Volunteers by helping them:
Raise money for all the activities and equipment that your child needs to enjoy the comprehensive programmes that the Group has. Provide transport to activities when requested. Provide help to look after the children on activities where a ratio of Adults to Children needs to be higher than on normal meeting nights.

As well all the above, maintaining any Scout Hut costs a lot of money. The occasional help from anyone with any home D.I.Y. skills or more skilled trades, for example (and not limited to), Electricians and Heating Engineers, can save the Scout Group a lot of money that can then be spent on improving the quality of the Scouting experience that your child gets. If you have any skills that you think we might just need one day, and can spare the odd hour or two on a very occasional basis, we would love to hear from you. We may not need your services at the moment, but we would love to add your name to a very short list of people who are prepared to offer their services when called upon. If you feel that you may be able to help us sometime in the future, please click here and let us know what skills you can offer us.

Without your constant support the Group WILL fold.

Click on the question/statement to see the answer.

If you need further information please contact the relevant section Regular Volunteers as indicated on the relevant page of this site or click here to go to the Contact Form. The email account is monitored on a daily basis.

Do I really have the skills that are required?
You don’t have to be an adventurer like Bear Grylls (the Chief Scout) to get involved with Scouting. Do you have first aid knowledge? Are you good with numbers? Are you handy in the kitchen? Are you a DIY whizz? Do you work for a company that has a social or communuity fund? Or can you just look after young people? We all have useful skills and contacts; and you can volunteer and help in many ways. The bottom line is that if you are a Parent or Carer of a child in the Scouts then you already have some skills that we are looking for.

What if I don't have much spare time?
Volunteering with us is easy, fun and flexible – how much time you give is completely up to you. You could help out once a week, fortnight, month or just at special events or camps; or you could just help with the maintenance of the Scout Hut. Whatever you choose there is bound to be a role you can play, and no matter how you get involved, we'll make sure you're properly trained and supported.

What will I get out of volunteering?
As well as gaining externally recognised skills and having a brilliant time, Scouting also offers the chance to build on personal skills, like teamwork, confidence and leadership. A study found that over 90% of our volunteers believe that the skills and experiences they have gained through Scouting have been of relevance to their working or personal lives.

Are there any age restrictions on helping out?
As long as you're over 18, you can help out as an adult volunteer in Scouting. There is no upper age limit for adult volunteers. If you are aged between 14 and 18 there is the option of becoming a Young Regular Volunteers .

With such a nice new headquarters the Group must have lots of money!
We wish! The 'A little history' section on the Home page explains how our then Group Scout Leader talked some construction companies into paying for a new Headquarters to be built; buy they don't contribute to the huge running costs, nor the building maintenance. Building regulations only permit under-floor heating and it is expensive to run.

Where does the Scout Group get the money that it needs to operate?
It takes a lot of money to run our Scout Group and the only regular source of income is monthly subscriptions. These are not enough to support all the outgoings of the Group. Central and local government do not give grants to Scout Groups. A large part of the required costs come from Fund Raising Events. We are always looking for new ideas to raise money and for help running these events. Another potential source of income is donations from local companies. If you work for a company that has a social or community fund that donates to local charities, please contact one of the Regular Volunteers to discuss how this could be used.
Without these Fund Raising Events the Scout Group is in real danger of folding.

What will happen if the Group cannot get enough help from Parents?
There are not enough Regular Volunteers to run all the activities for the young people and the fund raising events. In the past we have had to cancel activities because we have not been able to get enough adults to look after the young people on activities such as visits to places of interest.
Even if you cannot find the time to help your child on a regular basis it is imperative that you support your child on the fund raising events and activities. Without that support there is a real chance that your child will not be able to keep going to Scouts, and the Group will fold.
Many Scout Groups have folded because they have not had enough support from Parents.

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